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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dodec Wheel

It's done!  It's done!  It's finally done!   It is a Dodec Wheel.  The plans are here:  
Scroll down the page and click on the picture of the Dodec Wheel on the left.

It should have cost $10.  I spent less than $10 when I walked out of Franklin Building Supply with all the parts to build a Dodec Wheel.  That didn't allow for the buying of more wood when I messed up the first piece.  Or the buying of more bolts when I realized I bought the wrong ones.  Or the buying of the Shaker Peg from the internet which turned out to cost $10 all by itself with shipping.  And then was not the right Shaker Peg after all and I bought a wooden knob that worked great from Ace.  It also didn't include things like sandpaper, paint, and glue that I already had.  Well, I had paint, but decided I needed two cans of spray paint from Walmart to get the right ugly green that my wheel deserved.  And I had to buy one of the two drill bits needed because I didn't have that size.  So my Dodec cost significantly more than $10.  I refuse to add it up.  Maybe my next Dodec will cost $10.   

Now all I need to do is learn to spin on it.  Let you know how it goes.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Inexpensive Yarn Swift

Gail needed a swift so she could take the yarn she spun and make it into a ball. She went online and found the plans to make this inexpensive plan to make her own swift. Can you guess what the materials are?
You can also see other pictures on Gail's new blog at: go visit her and leave a comment for her.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Oh dear
Saw this on Facebook and thought you might enjoy this

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This year year we held our retreat at the Rupert Fairgrounds. Several of the members camped out and others came for the day. I taught a piecing techniques class on how to make half square triangles, quarter square triangles and other common quilt squares. Everyone said they enjoyed themselves and I had a good time sharing with them. Lyn came ready to make a baby quilt for her first grandchild. Dena and others who wanted to tried out Big Mama. Betty brought some of the fabric she got at a yard sale others brought their knitting to work on and Gail was spinning some fiber she bought at a yard sale. Maybe next year we'll have finished projects to show.

Friday, June 8, 2012

June Meeting

The 7  of us lucky enough to make it to the meeting last night had a good time visiting and doing show and tell. Gail had 2 large plastic bags full of Llama fleece she was given while she was in WA. It will look really nice once she gets in spun. Lois was working on a really pretty shawl using I think Noro yarn and she had a beautiful quilt top that her cousin made for her which Gail will be quilting. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me so I don't have pictures of those items to post. I was working on some socks. For those who asked what the yarn was  it is called Frolicking Feet made by Done Roving. I purchased it at A Good Yarn Shop in Port Orchard, WA when I was up there in May. It can also be found on line. I took this picture this morning.

Those who wish to make blocks during the retreat need to bring their sewing machines, rotary cutters, cutting mats, rulers, the usual sewing supplies and some material. We'll also need an iron and ironing board which I will bring. I will have my cutting mat and rotary cutter there in case someone needs to use them. For your materials you may want to bring and light or two and whatever you want to use for your darks.  You can bring an assortment of quarter yard pieces which will give you a scrappy look or half yard to a yard of one color. What I thought I would do is to show you a few different blocks that use the same units to create the  blocks, but their placement is what makes the different blocks. They will be simple to make so don't worry yourselves silly ahead of time. The object is to have a good time and give you a foundation in case you wish to continue and make a quilt. You might want to bring paper and pencil for notes so you can remember things later. Also I don't know which building we are going to be using, but you may need to bring tables to sew on and maybe extension cords and or power strips so you can plug in. If anyone knows for sure could you let me know what if any of that we will need, See you there.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Break Dye Party

This and That Craft Group had their annual dye party. We had a full house with lots of treats, fiber, yarn, and silk scarves - all the makings of a grand event.

Laura is creating a masterpiece on Knitpicks laceweight Bare. It turned out so, so pretty.

This is Susan's yarn right before it went for the sauna bath in the steamer. Doesn't it look like a tropical sunrise?

Everyone promised Carol June to bring their dyed stuff to next weeks meeting (6PM, Southside Electric) for show and tell. Hopefully we will get more pictures to share!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's Party Time

As of 4:05 am EDT I became a great grandmother for the first time. Kora Rose made her appearance weighing 8 lb 3 oz and according to her grandmother beautiful. As soon as Mom is feeling better I will probably be getting some pictures. The baby had turned out of position and wouldn't go back in so they had to do a C-section. Mom and baby are doing fine. Grandma and Grandpa however are worn out from being up all night. Greatgrandma is fine she slept all night because there was no phone call just an email to greet her this morning. I'll post pictures as soon as I have some. Off to celebrate by going to see the Lorax.